How To Be Alive? 14-day Diet Plan For Covid patient?

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How To Be Alive? 14-day Diet Plan For Covid patient?

The world is suffering from a viral disease which is being named “Coronavirus “. It’s not the first, not the last pandemic virus. The question can is How to be alive in this deadly virus, what if I catch Carona from someone and I don,t even know it? How can I raise my immunity through healthy foods? Which diet plan to follow during covid? These are all tricky question, this is about, The best diet plan for covid patient.

Any disorder patient such as Covid affected may be treated with a healthy diet plan for covid patient. weight lossmuscle gain, or weight gain does not mean that your health is having just a balanced diet.

14-day Diet Plan For The Covid patient

Since we do not appear to have a treatment for COVID-19, we will do whatever we can to best maintain our wellbeing. A balanced diet can have a robust immune system and other problems that can help to survive any infarction of the Coronavirus symptoms. Given this, we mustn’t focus just on our medications, but also on our consumption. Here’s a little diet plan for covid patient to help you heal more quickly if you are frightened from it do not want to go to the hospital and try it in your quarantine period.

You have to make sure that the quarantine diet contains calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and foods high in vitamin B. Give your lungs and heart-healthy foods that are super healthy and pleasant. This is a comprehensive diet table that will help you maintain a 14-day control over your eating habits. 

There are numerous food programs, including the keto dietvegan dietmilitary dietfatty liver diet plan, and many more. But it is a unique 14-day diet plan for covid patient.

Day 1 and 2 in diet plan for covid patient

After you wake up in the morning, the first thing to eat is soaked almonds and raisins. Eat peanuts at breakfast. You need to have lemon water one hour before lunch. Beans, rice and green leafy vegetables should be used with your meal. You should have a bunch of peanuts after 2 hours of lunch. Dinner in time (between 8 and 9 pm) and drink with turmeric a glass of warm milk.

Day 3 and 4

  • Food 1 – Date and noodles along with walnuts
  • Food 2 – Idli rice cake
  • Food 3 – pepper soup
  • Food 4 – carom seeds mixed with yogurt applied on slices of bread
  • Food 5 – Jaggery Cashews
  • Food 6 – Rice beans
  • Down drink – Milk Turmeric

Day 5 and 6

  • Food 1 – tracks and butter
  • Food 2 – Fermented lentils pancake with rice coating
  • Food 3 – One Coconut to be used with jaggery along with coriander seeds
  • Food 4 – Red meat 
  • Food 5 – Chicken turkey
  • Food 6 – Green vegetables
  • Down drink – Milk drink of turmeric

Day 7 in diet plan for the covid patient

  • Food 1 – Spinach mushroom stuffed jackets
  • Food 2 – Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Skirt Steak
  • Food 3 – Fried Rice of shrlmp
  • Food 4 – Sloppy Joes Vegetarian
  • Food 5 – Pan chicken bowls Sheet
  • Food 6 – Tikka Masala cauliflower
  • Down drink – Milk drink of turmeric

You can repeat the above diet plan for the next 7 days, completing the 14-day diet plan for covid patient.

Food chart

Daily diet plan for covid 19 patient.

Breakfast:10 cherries and 5 apricots.

1cup of milk.

Slice of bread with a honey sweetheart.


1 Tbs of olive oil+1egg+half tomato+half onion omelet of vegetable omelets cabbage 2 tbs or either of your preference of vegetables;

1 60gm bread.

1 cup of tea with milk.


Banana strawberry date oats and black tea milkshake.

Lunch: Curry of the lamb.

Cool salad.


bread slices.


1 cup of green and a half cup of rice for fish 3 ounces.



Steam rice and yogurt for vegetables and chicken.

Dinner: Cooked chickpeas, lettuce, and yogurt combined with rice.

Or the stubbornness.

With yogurt and salads.

Or black beans similarly.

Snacks: Mix the 30gm nozzles.

Green tea with sweet lemon.

At least 2 parts of seasonal fresh fruit.

Mango shake, melons, and nuts.

Drinks: All shakes, chocolate, juices, tea, and a lot of water.

What to eat and avoid for the covid patient?

Proper nutrients and moisture are essential. It is essential. People who eat a healthy diet with better immune systems and a reduced chance of cardiovascular illness and infectious disease appear healthier.

diet plan for covid patient

So, every day to get your body requires vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein, and antioxidants, you can consume different new and unprocessed foods. Get plenty of water to drink. The risk of overweight, obesity, coronary diseases, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers avoids sugar, fat, and salt to minimize considerably.

Eat natural and unprocessed foods

  • Food from the source of animal foods is eaten from fruit, seeds, legumes (e.g. lentils, beans), nuts, and whole grains (e.g. corn, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice, starchy tubers, or roots such as cabbage, yam, taro, or cassava) (e.g. meat, fish, eggs, and milk).
  • Eat every day: Two cups (four portions) of fruit; 2.5 cups (five pieces), 180 g of beef, and 160 g of meat and beans (red meat can be consumed 1−2 days a week, while poultry 2−3 times a week).
  • For snacks, instead of food rich in sugar, fat, or salt, use raw vegetables and fresh fruit.
  • Do not overcook fruit and vegetables, since this will cause significant vitamins to be lost.
  • Choose varieties without extra salt or sugar by using frozen or dried vegetables and berries.

Eat fats and oils normally

  • Instead of saturated fats, ingest unsaturated fats (e.g., fish, avocados, almonds, olive oil, corn, canola, sunflower, and maize oil) (e.g. found in fatty meat, lard, butter, coconut oil, cream, and cheese).
  • Choose white meat (e.g. poultry) and fish, usually low in fat instead of red meat.
  • Stop hearts that are rich in fat and salt.
  • Where appropriate, use milk and dairy versions that are low in fat or reduced in fat.
  • Stop trans fats processed industrially. They are also present in packaged food, fast meals, snacks, fried cakes, frozen pizzas, pastries, cookies, and margarine.

Cut down excess salt and sugar

  • Limit salt and high sodium condiments while cooking and preparing food (e.g. soy sauce and fish sauce).
  • Contain less than 5 g (approximately 1 teaspoon) of the daily dose and use iodine salt.
  • Stop heavy salt and sugar foods (e.g. snacks).
  • Limit the use of sugar-rich soft drinks or sodas and other beverages (e.g. focus fruit drinks, syrups, fragrance, and yogurt).
  • Instead of delicious foods like cookies, cakes, and sweets, select new fruits.

Increase water intake

  • For life, water is essential. It brings nutrients and substances into the blood, controls the body’s temperature, removes waste, and lubricates and coils joints.
  • Per day, drink between 8 and 10 cups.
  • Water is the safest alternative, but you should also drink water-containing other beverages, fruits, and vegetables, e.g. orange juice, tea, and coffee.
  • However, be careful not to ingest too much coffee and avoid sweetened fruit beverages, syrups, condensed fruit milk, fizzy and silent beverages, as both contain sugar.

Foods to avoid in diet plan for the covid patient

A meal plan for coronavirus patients is crucial and also you must know what to avoid in that plan. Eat at home to minimize your touch levels and your risk of exposure to COVID-19. We recommend that you remain at least 1 meter away from anyone who coughs or sneezes. Infected droplets can fall on surfaces and hands (e.g., consumer and staff) and as several people come and go, you cannot know whether your hands are washed and disinfected enough rapidly.

Counselling help

After trying a diet plan for covid patient equitable nourishment and hydration enhance health and immunity, but they are not golden bullets. People who have suspected or reported COVID-19 with chronic disorders may need help with their mental and diet to ensure that they are well managed. Ask appropriately trained medical practitioners and lay community-based and peer counselors for advice and psychosocial assistance.

The Summary of diet plan for the covid patient

The purpose of this information of diet plan for covid patient is to provide free education on some medical conditions and particular treatments. A licensed and qualified health care professional does not replace examination, diagnosis, therapy, or medical care. Please see the healthcare provider immediately if you, your child, or any person you know suffers from the conditions described herein. Don’t try to treat yourself, your child, or anybody without proper care.

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